Australian Mauritian Association History

"Founded by Rex Moutou MBE in 1969"


In October 1969 a group of newly arrived migrants from the island of Mauritius and living in Sydney, decided to form an association with the objectives being:

"the promotion of good relations among our members and with other communities, promotion of educational, cultural, sporting and outdoor activities, to obtain funds for charities and educational purposes, and to represent individual members in matters where common representation may be desirable"


Founders & 1st Committee:

President: Rex Moutou

Vice-President: Richard Doyle

Secretary: Antoine Comarmond

Treasurer: George Cherval

Members: Luc Adolphe, Regis Paul and Andre Albert



At a meeting on 11th April 1970 the Committee decided to add to the main objectives of the Association the organisation of charter flights to Mauritius as this would give the new immigrants the chance to visit relatives at an affordable price.

The first Annual General Meeting was held on 23rd April 1971 with about 60 members present.

The Committee worked very hard to finally see the first charter flight to Mauritius fly away on 16 December 1972, at a price of $595 return, after very lengthy negotiations with the Government and Qantas. There were a few of these charter flights which were of great benefit to all those people wanting to visit the old country. 



In 1973, the AMA was involved in the preparations for the visit of Mgr Margeot to Sydney. He was the guest of honour at an official dinner held at the Ashfield Catholic Club on 1st March. The AMA made a generous donation of $1000 and later presented Mgr Margeot with an album of photos taken during his visit. 



In 1975 the AMA accepted the proposal of Pierre Rochecouste to ask the help of Dr Regis Lam Po Tang to create a branch of SACIM ( Society for Aid to Children Inoperable in Mauritius) in Sydney and subsequently became a regular contributor of funds to this organisation.



In June 1980 the AMA created a private company to purchase a property at St George Basin on the south coast of Sydney with the help of a loan from ESANDA with the view of renting it to its members.

However due to a lack of interest from the members and due to financial considerations the AMA decided to sell the property in 1984. 

In the mid-80s the AMA was heavily involved in Carnivale, an annual event held to celebrate the different cultures enjoying life in Sydney. Carnivale saw ethnic groups march to the Domain wearing national costumes and at the Domain the AMA had a marquee where they distributed free samples of Mauritian delicacies prepared by the committee members and their spouses.



November 1987 saw a change to the name of the association: the Australo Mauritian Association became known as the Australian Mauritian Association.

During the nineties the Federation of Mauritian Clubs in NSW was formed by the AMA in conjunction with other Mauritian Clubs in Sydney with a view to sponsoring the HSC Highest Achievers Awards for students of Mauritian members living in Sydney. These awards were vey well received for a period of 4 years. 



March 1997 saw the Mauritian public of Sydney welcome the arrival of the musical: La Belle de Cadix, in a production of a Melbourne theatrical group. This function, held at the Marconi Club and completely organised by the AMA as a Dinner/Show proved to be a huge success with about 850 people attending.



April 1999 saw the AMA in conjunction with a Mauritian promoter present a concert by La Compagnie Creole at the Sydney Aquatic Centre, this function was also a huge success with a crowd of about 600 people.

Over the last 40 years the AMA has been a regular financial contributor to other Clubs and organisations such as the Sydney Petanque Club, the Racing Club, SACIM, Diocese of Port Louis, bush fire appeals, parishes in Mauritius, charitable funds, heart and burns patients in Mauritius, cancer sufferers and children in serious need of help.



In 2002 we were approached by a few petanque players to start the game on a social basis. This activity took off rather quickly and we very soon had quite a group very keen on rolling a few balls.



In May 2003 an approach was made to the Blacktown Bowling Club to create some bowling pitches on the Club’s premises. This was successful and in April 2004 our 14 petanque courts became available to our members.

Petanque, as a social activity, has now become a big part of the AMA and regular tournaments are now held at Blacktown.

Over the years the AMA has been actively involved in trips to the snow, wine tasting tours, children Christmas parties, ferry trips and dances, weekends away, and Melbourne Cup trips.

We are now well known for our yearly Mothers’ Day and Bastille Day functions as well as our end of year dance.

Our annual picnic has now become a fixture of our yearly functions and provides a day of fun and good times for the increasing number of members who take the opportunity of sharing a meal and a drink with their friends.

The AMA has been, since October 1970, the official voice of Mauritians in Sydney and is the regular recipient of Government departments’ correspondence.  


Our Community

AMA has over the past 40 years been at the forefront of all social, sporting and cultural activities involving the Mauritian community of Sydney.

Our organisation currently has in excess of 200 members and this number keeps growing as more and more people realise that the AMA is a very well run organisation which gives its members plenty of occasions to meet and have some fun whether they are dancing, listening to Mauritian budding or established artists, having a picnic or playing petanque. 


Our Commitment

Over its 40 years of existence the AMA has had 8 Presidents of which the last 2: Pierre Figon and Danielle Marchand have tallied 25 years. This shows the stability of the organisation and the satisfaction of its members in its ability to get the job done.